What's Motion?

Motion is a tool that helps you stay in the flow while working in the browser. You can access tools such as the calendar and the distraction with easy shortcuts with blazing speed. We save our users ~40 minutes each day.

As Motion evolved with new features and scaled with a growing user base, it needed to be more polished. I worked with my partner Linna as well as the founders to improve Motion.

Shipped features
Task manager


Problem space: Too many tabs

Our average users have a lot of tabs open in their browser, which makes it difficult to stay organized and find specific sites.

Exploration of workspaces

We explored how tabs can be organized more intuitively, playing around with the idea of a sub-tab to reduce horizontal clutter and reduce context switching.

Final solution
Calendar system

Motion wants to help you reduce context switch and stay in the "flow". We designed a calendar solution that's embedded such that users can bring it up with any keystroke, instantly.

Process and solutions
Payment page and website redesign

Trust is so important in an effective payment page design, and we broke down how to establish “trust” into several components:

1) Product quality: trusting that what they pay for is what they’ll get. 2) Recurring charges: trust that no charges will incur randomly.

To achieve these goals, we emphasized several things, such as an expert testimonial, a hard-to-miss payment message, a line of personalization, clear CTA, and overall a sleek layout that follows the brand voice.

Business impact

We saw a 10% increase in conversion through the website redesign. Our calendar engagement has more than doubled, and after implementing the new payment page, we saw 200+ paid users sign up.